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Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.” ~ Mary Ann Brussat

Each year our dear friends, The Caroll’s, send a heartfelt message of thanks. I seriously cherish each one, year after year,  I save them and often reread them as a reminder of how beautiful the earth really is.  The following is one from a few years ago that seems perfect for this Thanksgiving.

This year the autumn trees seemed brighter; their colors, red, pink, orange, and yellow, burned against the sky,more blue and the air, more clean.  The birds’ songs seemed more melodic and meaningful, the lightening more powerful, the rain more refreshing and the wind more renewing.There are times in life, for whatever reason, we are compelled to look at things in a way which we normally wouldn’t, or in a way which makes us stop and think about what it is we are truly witnessing.We are able to take into account the fullness of the earth and life itself and the beauty that exists around us.  It is in this observation that we can see our lives as part of something bigger than ourselves.When we sense this, let us not spend another moment or day ignoring the unique beauty of one leaf or one person. Let us be thankful for the important role each represents in our world. We are all connected; for the absence of one makes us all incomplete.  When we recognize this it frees us from isolation and ingratitude.Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to look at things with eyes not clouded by anxieties or disappointments, but with truth, hope, inspiration, and appreciation for what is and what can be.

Happy Thanksgiving, The Kellner’s