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In this season of frenzied gift giving it seems that we can sometimes lose sight of what it means to truly give a gift from our heart. We look for the perfect “something” to show those we care about just how much we love and appreciate them, and yet those people that we search so thoughtfully for are those who sometimes receive the resulting behavior of our holiday stress.

In the work and privilege of caregiving we realize that our most precious treasures are those who trust us with their care and the care of loved ones. It is our fervent and heartfelt belief that the greatest gift we can give is the beautiful gift of our love and respect. We don’t need to search outside ourselves to present others with the greatest gift of all…..our loving, patient, and humble hearts.

We believe that we can help create a more loving world by challenging ourselves this holiday season to “be” the gift that our friends, family, and clients, are hoping for. If we act with love, patience, compassion, gentleness, trust, humility, and respect we are sure to experience the full joy of the holidays, expressed through the reciprocated love and appreciation of others.

Wishing you very happy holidays!!

Teressa Kellner